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EF Tours travelers on a tour

Getting there

Flight check-in

For international flights, your troop should gather at a previously arranged location two to three hours before the departure time (this gives ample time for check-in, security, etc.). Most travelers will get e-tickets, which means you only need to bring your passport to the airport for check-in.

International flights

Most eastbound international flights are overnight, and your flights may consist of multiple connections and carriers. If you're in a large group, everyone may not travel on the same itinerary due to space restrictions.

When you land abroad, you'll have to go through immigration and customs. On the way back into the U.S at the end of your trip, you'll have to fill out a special landing form, which they'll give you on the plane and explain to you how to fill it out. Upon arrival in the first city of your trip, your Tour Director or an EF representative will meet your group once you pass through customs.

Health and exercises

Here are some helpful tips to make your flight more comfortable so you’re more rested when you arrive:
  • It's usually dry on airplanes. Drink a lot of water or juice.
  • Speaking of dry, take out your contact lenses before you board to keep your eyes from drying out.
  • Move around a bit. Get up and take a walk down the aisle every now and then.
  • When sitting in your seat for a long time, try rolling your feet, lifting your legs, clenching your hands, and rotating your neck—it helps to get the blood moving.