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What are Global Rewards?

To thank valuable Group Leaders like you for your hard work and dedication, we give you Global Rewards. It works like a frequent flyer program, only it’s much, much better.  Sure, you can redeem your Global Points for a pair of round-trip airline tickets to Tahiti. No problem. Or you can use them for a new iPad for your troop or a tour scholarship for one or more girls. Or imagine redeeming your points for a European vacation for two.

With Global Rewards, anything’s possible. They’re your points—you’ve earned them—now spend them the way that you deserve.

How it works

Enrolling in our Global Rewards Program is so easy you won’t even know you’ve done it. That’s because you’re automatically enrolled when you lead your first tour, and you earn Global Points simply by traveling with your girls.

As you continue to lead more travelers on more tours, you can earn elite level status. You’ll enjoy even greater perks and rewards as your membership level climbs from Silver to Gold to Platinum. Plus, the program’s absolutely free and your points will never expire as long as you remain an active EF Group Leader.
how it works

It's easy to earn Global Points:

Enroll travelers on a tour
Just sign up six travelers for your tour and you’ll earn one point per day per full-paying traveler. Earn double, triple or even quadruple points during seasonal reward periods and watch your points skyrocket. 

Pre-book optional excursions
Taking your travelers to Versailles? Horseback riding in Costa Rica? You’ll earn one Global Point for each traveler who prepays for any EF optional excursion.

If you have any questions about anything to do with Global Rewards, please call us at 800-782-2076 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST, Monday to Friday. You can also email us at at anytime.