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Rooming FAQ

Can I room with my child/friend?

Yes. If you are a parent and you want to room with your child you must contact EF to have your child upgraded to a twin room. If two students would like to room together in their own room they must both notify EF and be upgraded to a twin room. The cost to upgrade a student from a student room to a twin room is $30 per hotel night per student (if your group is going on a cruise or ferry it is $70 per night per student to upgrade to a twin room). If an adult would like to upgrade to a single room, the cost is $40 per hotel night ($50 per night for South Pacific tours; single rooms are not available on cruises and ferries). Contact your Group Leader to make any rooming requests.

What if I want a single room?

If an adult would like to upgrade to a single room, the cost is $40 per hotel night ($50 per night for South Pacific tours; single rooms are not available on cruises and ferries). Contact your Group Leader to make any rooming requests.

Who will I be rooming with?

Students will room in triples or quads with others of the same gender from your entire tour group. This may mean that students from different schools may room together. If you have roommate requests, please submit those to your Group Leader by 110 days prior to departure. If you are interested in upgrading to a twin room, you may do so for an additional $30 per hotel night per student or $70 per ferry or cruise night per student. Rooming upgrades should be submitted directly to our Customer Service Department at 800-665-5364.

What is the deadline to make a change to my rooming arrangements?

All rooming requests and upgrades need to be given to EF no later than 110 days prior to departure. (please see EF’s Booking Conditions for standard rooming arrangements and the cost of upgrades).

On-Tour FAQ

What should I pack?

Pack light. You will be carrying all that you bring, so make sure that it is a manageable size and weight. Check out our suggested packing list. To find out what the weather will be like in your destination countries, check out

What’s the best way to handle my finances while I’m on tour?

We recommend debit cards for overseas traveling, as opposed to bringing large amounts of currency or traveler’s checks. ATMs are conveniently located throughout the United States and Europe. Most ATM cards work on machines throughout the world, but check with your bank before you go. When abroad, you may need to know your PIN password in number form, as international machines often do not have letters on the keys. Major credit cards are accepted in most European department stores and restaurants.

I’ve heard that healthcare in Europe is free. Will I receive healthcare services for free if something were to happen while on tour?

Healthcare in Europe is only free for citizens of the European Union, which is why we strongly recommend our Global Travel Protection.

How do I call internationally from the U.S.? (and vice versa)

To call internationally from the U.S. you must dial 011 + country code + number. To dial to the U.S. from abroad you must first dial 001 + area code + number.

Do I need tipping money?

It is customary to tip your Tour Director, bus driver and cruise staff as a token of your appreciation for all of the preparation and effort that goes into making your tour experience a success. We suggest the following amounts: $6 per person per tour day for your tour director, $3 per person per tour day for your bus driver, $10 per person per tour day for cruise staff. (Due to currency fluctuations, travelers should be aware of current exchange rates. Visit for all current exchange rates).

How much money should I bring?

When budgeting for your tour, factor in spending money to cover things like lunches, soft drinks, souvenirs or entrance fees during free time. The following are suggested daily guidelines: Europe $45-65; Australia, New Zealand, Africa $50-75; Costa Rica $20-30; Japan $50-75; China and Asia $30-40; Mexico, Central/South America $30-40.

Where can I find information about weather in my destination countries?

Please go to If you are within 10 days of your tour you can find out the specific weather forecast. If your tour is further from departure, you can get the average temperature for your destination(s).

How should I spend my free time while on tour?

Joining all optional excursions is highly recommended. You may also want to explore the city independently. We recommend that you speak with your Tour Director while abroad, as he/she will be very familiar with all destinations on your itinerary.

Are there any dress code regulations abroad?

If your tour includes visits to major religious sites (i.e. Vatican City, the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, and any temples or shrines), please be aware that a strict dress code is enforced: no skirts above the knee, no shorts, no bare shoulders (i.e. tank tops or sleeveless blouses), and you must wear shoes. Travelers violating the dress code will be denied entry by local monitors and officials.

Will my electronics work abroad?

Because different voltages are used abroad, it is unlikely that your electronics and appliances will work unless you purchase converters/adapters. Please visit your local electronics store to find out the specific converter/adapter that you will need for your destination(s).

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