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Who plans these trips and how can I travel with my troop on an EF Tour for Girl Scouts?

Troop leaders, council staff, and/or adult volunteers generally plan trips with us. Whether a council, service unit, troop, or Girl Scout alumnae and/or friends trip, there needs to be at least one adult designated as the Group Leader. Working with a Tour Consultant, the Group Leader can choose from any of our tours designed just for Girl Scouts—or hundreds of other EF tours on six continents. Additionally, troops can choose to design their own tour.

What if I don’t feel prepared to lead an international tour?

We want every new Group Leader to feel confident taking their girls abroad. That’s why we send you on a Free International Training Tour. It’s a four-day mini tour where you learn all the ins and outs of international group travel and the behind-the-scenes information about EF so that you feel prepared and can set proper expectations for your group.

Where do I find information about Free International Training Tours and how do I sign up?

For more information and to enroll, visit our Free International Training Tour page. To qualify, you must have a minimum of six paying travelers enrolled on your tour (seven including yourself) and you must be a new Group Leader to EF.

What is the financial commitment to get started?

Travelers just need $95 to sign up for their EF tour.

When do I need to start planning?

Typically, Girl Scout groups will enroll with us 2-3 years in advance. Some troops begin fundraising before they enroll, while others don’t start until after they’ve enrolled. The earlier you enroll, the more you save. You’ll lock in the lowest program fee and enjoy lower monthly payments with EF’s Automatic Payment Plan.

How old do my girls need to be?

Girls of all ages have traveled with us, but girls under the age of 12 at the time of tour need to have an adult chaperone other than the Group Leader and need to room with an adult. Please confirm any age restrictions with your council, as it does vary from council to council.

Can boys and/or men travel on these tours?

We do not have any restrictions on men traveling on our tours. Sometimes families will enroll with brothers or fathers of Girl Scouts and their leaders. Please note that student rooms are always single-sex.

How much does it cost?

The price varies based on the time of travel, home airport and tour. Please call us or submit a request online for questions about pricing for specific tour itineraries.

Is there a minimum group size?

There is no minimum group size, although we encourage a minimum group size of six travelers so that, as a new Group Leader to EF, you are able to take advantage of the Free International Training Tour.

What dates do the trips start?

We ask for your requested date range and we then match that with the date range of other groups. There are some tours that have specific dates and others with more flexibility. Please ask your Tour Consultant for more information to see what will work best for your group.
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