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Flights FAQ

Can I change my flight itinerary after I receive the group flight information?

No, once flight information is released—around 30 days prior to departing for your tour—no changes can be made to the flight itinerary. If you are interested in flying separately from the group, you must submit a Special Travel Request by 110 days prior to departure.

When will I know my flight arrangements?

Flight information is available through your Group Leader at approximately 30 days prior to departure.

Can I upgrade to first class? Can I earn frequent-flier miles?

Because of our special rates, our contracts do not allow for upgrades or the accrual of frequent-flier miles.

When will I receive my tickets?

Your Group Leader will receive the final packet containing copies of the hotel itinerary and all of the plane tickets for the group 1-2 weeks prior to departure.

What is the deadline for requesting special travel arrangements? Can I go ahead of my group or stay behind after the tour ends?

Where possible, we will provide altered flight arrangements according to your request. Travelers are responsible for making their own arrangements to and from the hotel or airport, as well as all land arrangements pertaining to their individual itinerary. Please keep in mind that you should not make any actual arrangements—such as booking a flight or hotel—until you receive your final tour itinerary and departure dates (which occurs approximately 70 days prior to departure). The stay ahead/stay behind request must be submitted to EF no later than 110 days prior to departure of your tour.

What if I need to depart from a different city than the rest of the group?

Alternate departure airports are possible. The program fees offered by EF are based on group departures. If an individual chooses to fly out of a different airport than the group, the program fee of the alternate airport will apply. Travelers must depart from and return to the same domestic airport. To request special travel arrangements, log in to My Account, click on “Manage your tour” and select “Special Travel” tab.

Can I skip a portion of my flight?

No. Skipping a leg of your scheduled flight can lead the airline to cancel your entire ticket, delay the rest of the group, or charge fees for the unused portion of the ticket. If you are interested in canceling a portion of your ticket, please contact Customer Service for more information at 800-665-5364.

Can I request special seating on the flights?

You will receive your seating arrangements when you check in at the airport for your flights. If you have specific requests, we suggest calling the airline 72 hours prior to your flight.

What are the baggage limits for my flights?

Baggage limits and fees vary slightly depending on your departure and arrival gateways and the airline carrier you are flying. Click here to learn about specific airline baggage restrictions before you travel.

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