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The EF Experience

  • The EF Girl Scout Experience

    Discover how far you can go with EF Tours for Girl Scouts. It’s a chance to experience the world and gain skills that last a lifetime.

  • Discover EF Tours for Girl Scouts

    See the world with EF Tours for Girl Scouts and discover the person you will become, gaining new confidence and perspective.

  • See how Girl Scouts grow and discover their own potential when they take a tour to the World Centres in England and Switzerland.

  • Traveling with EF

    Get answers to commonly asked questions. Who is EF? What is group travel? How do you pay?


  • London

    From the majesty of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace to the magic of the Globe Theatre, explore the best of London.

  • Paris

    Is Paris too beautiful to be true? You'll be pinching yourself after seeing the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and Versailles.

  • Rome

    The Colosseum ... Pantheon ... Trevi Fountain. What will be your favorite place in Rome? Luckily, you can have them all.

  • Florence

    Words escape you in beautiful Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance and home to Da Vinci and Michelangelo.

  • Venice

    Experience a city like no other on earth as you glide down Venice's canals by gondola, savoring the architecture and history.

  • Madrid

    The best of Spanish art and culture come alive in Madrid, from the Prado and Alhambra to the Royal Palace and Plaza Mayor.

  • Barcelona

    The whimsical spirt of Barcelona's Parque Guell, La Sagrada Familia and Las Ramblas will leave you smiling.

  • Granada

    Your senses come alive in Granada, where colorful spices, rich Moroccan teas and lively flamenco dancing await.

  • Seville

    Whether it's the awe-inspiring architecture of the Alcazar and Seville Cathedral, or the mouth-watering tapas, Seville will delight.

  • Berlin

    A city no longer divided, Berlin invites you to celebrate its bright future while also revealing the scars of modern history.

  • Munich

    Explore the best of Bavarian culture in Munich, starting with the Glockenspiel, Hofbrauhaus and English Gardens.

  • Lucerne

    Experience an Alpine adventure as you take a cog railway train to the top of Mount Pilatus and a cruise on Lake Lucerne.

  • Dublin

    Dublin welcomes you with open arms, inviting you to explore St. Patrick's Cathedral, green gardens and historic squares.

  • Athens

    After you visit the Parthenon in Athens, nothing else may compare—though cruising the Greek Islands is close.

  • Greek Isles

    You can try to pick a favorite Greek Island—Mykonos, Crete, Santorini or Rhodes—but they're all equally unforgettable.

  • Costa Rica

    Whether by zip-line, horseback, whitewater raft or kayak, experience an adventure like no other in Costa Rica.

  • China

    Ancient history awaits around every corner in China, from the Great Wall to the Forbidden City to the Jade Buddha Temple.

  • Peru

    Machu Picchu will take your breath away, while the warm Andean culture will surely delight you in Peru.

Preparing for Tour Videos

  • Tour Expectations

    Experienced EF Tour Directors share advice and packing tips to help you prepare for a successful adventure.

Other Travel Videos

  • EF The World Leader in International Education

    Discover how for almost half a century, EF has been breaking down barriers of language, culture and geography.

  • Global Citizen China

    See how 10 American students and 10 Indian students learn what it means to be Global Citizens in China.

  • Global Citizen Peru

    Twenty Global Citizen Scholarship recipients broaden their cultural horizons and make lifelong memories in Peru.

  • Training Tour for Teachers

    To prepare teachers for their first tour, EF trains every new group leader in Paris, Rome, Berlin, Madrid or Beijing.