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Berlin Wall, handprints - EF Tours student traveler, Germany

Find a trip FAQ

Do all tours have the same amount of free time?

No, different tours have varying amounts of free time, as well as different paces. Please ask your Tour Consultant if you have specific needs as you consider different itineraries.

Why can’t I price my tours online?

We offer different pricing models, so we prefer to have an initial conversation with each Group Leader to ensure that we understand the needs of your group and can provide the best pricing options for you and your girls.

Where can I access price quotes for a tour?

Once you’ve received a price quote from your Tour Consultant, they’ll be saved on your Group Leader website. Log in to your account on the top right corner of the page. You’ll be able to view any price quotes for tours that have been priced for you. (You will need your customer number and password to access your account. Please click “login help” if you have any difficulty.)

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