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Three travelers between columns

Our travelers say it best

See what girls, leaders and others say about their EF travel experiences.

Kim: Adult volunteer

How can a girl make the world a better place if she’s never experienced it? EF Tours for Girl Scouts give girls the confidence to work toward a significant goal and the courage to try new things while traveling. They return with character and want to make their world a better place.

Coleen: Travel volunteer

Having a prepackaged tour to start from is one of the best tools EF offers. So many times girls know they want to travel, but when trying to find a solid direction they lose momentum. Just like we start with a framework and give girls the tools to grow, an EF tour gives girls the launchpad to travel; it’s up to them where they go from there!

Sandy: Leader

The girls in my troops have used these trips as building blocks for their future. Some have studied abroad and some have moved away from home, while others have found jobs that incorporate travel and meeting new people.


I never realized how important international travel is and the effect it has on girls not only in the U.S., but also around the world. The experience is one that I will never forget.


At Pax Lodge, we got to learn about WAGGGS, be part of a pinning ceremony, and we even got to indulge in a customary British tradition: high tea with scones! Going on this trip has inspired me to do more global projects, and be more involved.

Lisa: Teen travel coordinator

I use EF Tours for Girl Scouts over other tour providers because of two concerns: safety and practicality. EF promises safety as much as humanly possible, and the trips are practical because you know upfront what is expected from EF and from you.


The trip became my new most significant cross-cultural experience. I met Girl Guides from Ireland, Holland, England, and Japan and by getting to know them, I gained a new appreciation for our sisterhood.