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Paying for your tour

We want every girl to have the chance to travel and discover her potential, which is why we strive to make our tours the most affordable. Besides offering the guaranteed lowest prices, we offer convenient payment options and several ways to help reduce the cost of your tour.

Payment options

All travelers are automatically enrolled in EF’s Monthly Payment Plan, which divides your tour cost over time so you can pay in small, manageable increments deducted directly from your checking account, credit card or debit card. You’ll never have to worry about late fees, and you have until 35 days prior to departure to pay your balance. Your monthly payment is recalculated and reduced along the way as group checks come in from fundraising events.

If you choose to opt out of the Monthly Payment Plan, you’ll be enrolled in the Manual Payment Plan. Payments can be made by credit card, personal check or group check, and your final tour payment is due by 110 days prior to departure. If you’re coordinating payments for the whole group using one check, please use a group check form. This ensures that all payments will be posted correctly to the relevant account.

Reducing costs

There are many ways your travelers can save on their tour cost:
  • Big group bonus: The more you enroll, the more you earn. Get other troops to join your group to take advantage of bonuses of up to $4,000. Use this bonus to reduce the cost of the tour for each girl.

  • Referral bonus: Tell a friend or Girl Scout leader about us and you’ll earn $1,000 or a free round-trip domestic airline ticket. Again, use this bonus to reduce the cost of the tour.

  • Discounts for hosting students: You could receive a discount of up to 10% of your program fee for hosting an international student through EF. If you’ve already hosted, you could be eligible for the discount retroactively.

  • Early enrollment savings: The sooner girls enroll on tour, the more they can save—from cash incentives to lower program fees.

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