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Girl takes a photo from the Great Wall of China


Please remember to check with your local council for specific sales guidelines.


Check with your town and local sports teams, universities, and community colleges about setting up concessions. You can also set up outside a local grocery store. Adults can also work at concessions at sporting events. Sample profit = $3,000/year

Bake Sales

Perhaps make these holiday-themed, but the key is good snacks and at busy places! You can also try accepting donations instead of having price tags per baked good.


Invite friends and family to "buy" something off your menu. Some examples include "lunch in Paris" or T-shirt souvenir. A unique way to entice others to give money to help your girls see the world!

Sell cookies

Keep developing those cookie selling skills. Be forward, spend time, and offer for people to buy them and donate them to a local charity (ie homeless shelter, troops,etc).