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Girl takes a photo from the Great Wall of China

Holiday ideas

Christmas trees

Girls can volunteer their time at the Christmas tree farm and receive a percentage of the profits.


Girls can make these treats and the parents can sell them. You can make them holiday themed – i.e. Christmas, Valentine’s Day,  St Patrick’s Day, 4th of July, etc.

Santa Workshop

Take pictures with Santa! Find a free (and busy) location and someone willing to donate their time to pose as Santa.

Plaster ornaments

Hand-made plaster ornaments can be sold to service units for the girls to decorate. Suggested price $1/ornament. Sample Profit: 1st year - $300

Gift wrapping

Gift wrapping can be done for tips and donations from companies. It can be done at local stores, shopping malls, etc. Depending on the location you may need to provide all wrapping materials. Get them donated for additional savings! Pro-rate the money raised so that girls don’t have an advantage depending on the shift they work. One troop made $200 in just 3 hours.

Easter egg hunt

This is a cute and fun event that any community with children will love. Girls make eggs and host the hunt at a private home for donations only. Invite friends and family. One troop made $800 in 3 hours.

Valentine’s Day babysitting

Use a local church/school/etc and invite parents to drop their children off while the girls babysit. Ask for a donation or a fee for this service.

Pumpkin scoop-out

Set-up a table outside a grocery store (or other public location) and ask for donations in exchange for cleaning out someone’s pumpkin!