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Fundraising and money-earning ideas

Need help with fundraising and money-earning for your tour? Download our Money-Earning Guidebook to get everything you need - how to get started, money-earning ideas from experienced Group Leaders and frequently asked questions. We've also listed some ideas for activities in this section. We hope you’ll find helpful ideas on this list that will inspire you, your girls, your community and your council.

Please remember to check with your local council for specific fundraising and money-earning guidelines.


Everyone loves a fun dance, roller skating party or theme dinner. Organizing and hosting an event helps teach your girls life skills while interacting with the community, having fun and raising money.

Holiday ideas

People are always looking for festive activities—and help with their to-do lists—around the holidays. Hosting events like gift-wrapping stations or an Easter egg hunt are a great way to take advantage of this time to raise money.


Choose something that your girls are “experts” on—pet care, jewelry making, camping—and then host a workshop where they teach their skills to the community. It’s a great way to build self-esteem while providing a useful service.


Everyone loves donating to a worthy cause. If they can get a nice, homemade item in return, that’s a bonus. Making and selling crafts is a chance for your girls to have fun while developing entrepreneurial skills in the process.


Your girls are already accomplished cookie salespeople. They can apply those same skills to sell other products that people in your community would want. This is a chance to let their organizational skills—and creativity—flourish.


With our busy lives, everyone can use a little help getting things done. Or better yet, a night out for fun. People are going to pay for things like babysitting or yard work, anyway. Why not “hire” your girls and contribute to a worthy cause?